We #ShareTheLove With Marketing Managers Across London

15th February 2017

Valentine's Day #SharetheLove
Marketing Manager’s such as Bex Ohta, responsible for Paperchase’s in-store Valentines experiences, and Alexandra Taylor responsible for Eve Sleep’s interactive billboard, received a nice surprise yesterday when House of Experience cupids delivered flowers and Valentine’s Day cards to their offices.

Marketing managers year after year are given the thankless task of producing brilliant Valentine’s Day campaigns. In fact, with Valentine’s Day sales reaching an all-
time high in 2016 at an estimated £1.6bn, it is clear the holiday celebrating love is not losing momentum… thanks in part to some very successful marketing. House of Experience decided to recognise the hard work of over fifty marketing managers with their #ShareTheLove deliveries.

Sibilla Foxton, House of Experience Senior Account Manager commented, “Once again there have been some fantastic Valentine’s Day campaigns this year; we thought it would be fun to recognise some of the marketing brains behind these projects and #ShareTheLove this Valentine’s Day!”