What do we think of… Magnum’s Pop-Up Store

14th June 2016

Schoko Eis am Stiel

Sure everyone loves ice-cream but are you really willing to pay £4.50 for one? Meh.

Following the launch of their Magnum Double ice-cream at glamourous Cannes Festival this year (with Kylie Jenner, because, why not), Magnum opened several pop-up stores. With hashtag #MagnumLDN trending on social media it wasn’t long before our stomach’s lead us to South Molton Street to sample the goods.


We were welcomed by two ambassadors inviting us to create our very own Magnum ice cream – and let me tell you, at this point we were all already dribbling in front of the toppings! We paid before getting started: £4.50 for a simple dip ice-cream and £6.50 for a double dip ice cream. Certainly for this price we were hoping the experience would be worth it.

We were able to pick three toppings, an ice cream flavour (vanilla or chocolate) as well as our dipping (dark, milk, white chocolate or peanut butter). We watched the ice creams come to life in front of us while the staff talked us through each step, before (finally) enjoying our personalised Magnum ice cream. In what can only be described as… an empty pop-up store.


Empty, yet subtly decorated:  fake Magnums covered in jewels, a table made in an ice cream stick shape and a well-designed (clean) counter where sit the ingredients and where the magic happens. Despite the somewhat dull atmosphere, the fact the ice cream came to life in front of us did make it even more exciting to see the final results and, of course, to eat it!

The ambassadors were very friendly and professional, reminding us to post the numerous pictures we took on Instagram with the hashtag #MagnumLDN – and of course we couldn’t wait to start bragging about our personally designed ice cream on social. The appearance of the ice cream plays an important part in the experience and social media sharing; a lot of care was put into making each ice cream which ended up being, of course, as delicious as they looked…


So our rating in the end?

The decor did not hide the general cold and dull atmosphere in the pop up store, also with only one table inside customers are encouraged to take their ice creams away. More seating to allow customers to savour their ice creams would encourage a livelier atmosphere. All in all, yes the ice-cream was exquisite, but for that price we were all hoping for a more overall memorable experience.

This reminds us that experiential marketing is about more than just the product itself. The entire brand experience has to be on point (and immersive) for a consumer to walk away ready to rave about the brand!