Saints Day Stunts

26th February 2018

“Saints Day? Are you sure?”

With St David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and St George’s Day fast approaching, your brand has a real opportunity to capitalize on some festive holiday marketing. Whether it’s creating a snapchat filter or hosting a themed event, the growth in popularity of ‘Saints days’ makes this an opportunity not to be overlooked.

St David’s Day Demand.

By now I can predict that half of you are thinking St David’s Day?! Who cares? Well… consumers do! While St Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide and is therefore always going to be the most popular of these holidays, St David’s Day is storming up from behind. Recent research showed over half of UK consumers (outside of Wales) believe Wales is known for producing good quality produce and almost a third want more of it available in their shops. Retailers, we’re looking at you here!

Saints Day Wales

In 2017, the Welsh Assembly spent a grand total of £20 on a social campaign which ended up reaching 90,000 people. The money paid for Facebook adverts which supported a bilingual, multi-platform celebration of national pride, with the campaign named “Wales in your Words”. More than 160 words describing Wales were used to create a Welsh flag themed wordcloud featuring a number of languages heard within Wales itself. Also in 2017, Skin Care Cymru launched their “Don’t Be A Lobster campaign” replacing the famous red dragon on the Welsh flag with a lobster on St David’s Day.  The stunt turned out to be fairly controversial and received some backlash, but let’s face it, isn’t the mantra of all PR stunts ‘any publicity is good publicity’? All in all, the campaign’s hashtag #DontBeALobster generated a lot of support nationwide, so our conclusion is a big ‘IE’ (yes) to St David’s Day.

St Patrick's Day Stunt

And, of course, we can’t even begin to disregard St Paddy’s Day which is quite literally a pot of gold for brands who play their cards right. Companies with the most obvious links have, in the past, been the first to strike lucky with St Paddy’s sales, with Jameson Irish Whiskey offering free drinks to UK customers, and Paddy Power creating a snapchat filter tying in both St Patrick’s Day and Cheltenham festival. I mean, having Paddy in your name means it doesn’t take a huge mental leap to land on a St Paddy’s Day branded campaign… Saying that, Paddy Power’s campaign did have some strategy behind it, allowing them to maximise reach and target their key demographic of 18-30-year-old males more effectively than using traditional TVCs.

Have you been debating trying to get lucky on St Paddy’s Day? Or maybe you’re still battling inner dragons about a St George’s Day themed activation? Get in touch- we have some ideas we’d love to share!