Pinteresting Experiential Campaigns

16th July 2014

For those of you new to Pinterest, this image-based social network enables you to pin images or video clips from around the web, creating instant moodboards created and curated by you – from your bucket-list travel destinations to must-try recipe ideas.

Pinterest is also a fantastic resource for marketers – after all, we’ve all had those moments when we spot a great piece of experiential marketing, whether it’s on TV, while travelling or in the street, but too often the moment passes before we have a chance to jot it down or take a photo. So imagine how excited we were when we found this Pinterest board dedicated to great experiential marketing campaigns.

A couple of our favourite campaigns from the board are the Yorkshire Tea Train, which departed from the Orient Express lounge (transformed into the ‘Yorkshire Tea Train Lounge’) at Victoria Station and took guests on a two-hour countryside journey, treating them to tea-cocktail making sessions and talks from tea experts, accompanied by a marching band and celebs including Michael Vaughn and Louis from One Direction. This fun and unique campaign transformed the ordinary cup of tea into an interactive experience that will change the way guests feel about their morning brew.

Another experiential campaign we couldn’t fail to mention is Coca Cola’s heart-warming ‘Small World Machines,’ which involved building live communications portals in India and Pakistan that people from the two countries could use to complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols – together.

With this board well and truly bookmarked, the House of Experience team are officially obsessed with Pinterest. Now excuse us while we get back to browsing cake recipes…