Onwards and Upwards

18th January 2018

Written by Zoe Franklin.

As we are still in the early days of 2018, and before the enthusiasm for ‘New Year, New Me’ turns into ‘New Year, Same Me’, it’s the ideal time to reflect on some industry-focused resolutions and move onwards and upwards. Whilst we all make the same promises (spend less, exercise more) 2017 left us with a good couple of industry game-changers that made it impossible to make the same resolution twice.

It sounds generic, and it is, but innovative uses of tech will always be a resolution for brands and agencies alike. Not simply ‘use’, but to meaningfully incorporate impressive tech with campaigns. As a year of innovation, 2017 didn’t fail to impress; Lucozade’s Unstoppable Bottles granted commuters a free tube ride with a swipe of a bottle, accompanied by dancers springing through Oxford Circus; and Shell let people jump for their lunch to promote sustainable energy. Developing campaign ideas with technology boosts engagement, encourages viral responses and, well, gets people excited.

Lucozade Unstoppable Bottles

Consumers love getting involved. Spending trends are shifting away from product purchases (bit by bit) as consumers invest money and time in experiences – hence demand for trendy in-city activities. In store pop-ups get a lot of buzz, but are a bit of a common sight. Instead, involvement can get creative. Nikon Lenswear’s Burger Truck doubled up as an eye test as consumers can only order the burger components they can read, or get some glasses to help them out. A competitive task followed up by the nation’s favourite food, whilst seeking out potential customers leads is a pretty clever stunt.

Nikon Burger Truck

With all our new shiny tech, fancy software and new information about data, us marketers were suddenly able to track campaign progress better than ever. Experiential isn’t an easy one to track, but finding what fits your campaign means you can monitor progress and learn what works; who you’re reaching; what your target wants to see; and so much more. For 2018, we can all set the resolution to make more ‘trial and error’ style tests. The long term result will boost engagement and make sure those risky stunts or experiential strategies will go viral for all the right reasons.


Taboo topics and sensitive subjects are being spoken about more than ever, and these conversations encourage all sorts of openness. Marketers can play a role in encouraging people to reflect on issues, and encourage change. The Women’s Equality Party’s #OutOfOffice campaign tied guerrilla, print and digital for a national stunt, asking women put their ‘OOO’ emails on for a protest against the gender pay gap. These conversations raised a-lot of questions that will help to make a difference. Sensitive subjects aren’t the easiest to approach. But with creativity, and insight, 2018’s marketing can help to spark even more difficult conversations.