Nespresso Retail Experience- An Interactive Customer Coffee Experience

12th January 2017

Jodie RigbyWritten by Jodie Rigby.

Coffee – the fuel of Londoners and workers worldwide – continues to grow in popularity, and Nespresso took the consumer’s retail experience to another level at the end of 2016.

Nespresso understands the ever changing way that coffee is seeping into British consumer culture, and leaped at the opportunity to provide the ultimate retail experience for the buzzing coffee connoisseur. Customers are interested in an effortless cup of coffee that is simply easy to make, and is seamlessly tailored to their taste buds. The amount of coffee products available for the modern coffee lover is extensive, and Nespresso took on the challenge to understand their customer’s needs and stand out amongst the rest.

Nespresso Interactive Retail Experience

Over six different locations in London, and in outlets in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Dublin and Manchester, their retail experience entices potential customers by offering a fast-paced, clean cut and personalised service that is difficult to turn away. I decided to venture to Selfridges in London to see if it really was a successful retail experience. Compiled with art deco features and mahogany, combined with leather fittings, the Nespresso retail experience consists of an eclectic colour palette of flavour options, and the opportunity for the customer to directly interact with the product through interactive touch screens. You can select your personal coffee flavour, and the software enables you to choose the ideal coffee machine for you. There are so many layers of personalisation, and accessibility for the customer, and the interactive stance encourages the customer to be fully engaged with the product.


What’s their aim? To create “a retail experience to satisfy your every desire.” From experiencing their boutiques across London, they have successfully created a slick and inviting brand, that screams professionalism and consistency. To further enhance this experience, they recruit their staff from hospitality backgrounds instead of retail, and this was evident through how helpful they were when I visited the outlet in Selfridges.

Ultimately, by inviting their customer to become a member of the ‘Nespresso Club’, where they can order quickly and efficiently through their account on their laptop or the Nespresso app, they have added an air of exclusivity and a reliable customer experience. Nespresso’s retail experience imbues coffee expertise, and I think that a lot of coffee brands can take some inspiration from their renewed and successful retail experience across the UK.