How Experiential Marketing Engages Consumers

25th February 2014


Brands are increasingly focusing on live branded experiences to engage with their consumers using innovative technology. Concentrating on creative experiential marketing in branding is a great channel to focus on so that consumers are experiencing a memorable brand experience, which will affect their relationship with the brand in a positive way.

A great example of this type of experiential marketing is Persil’s latest campaign “What Life Throws at You”. Persil has launched a new experiential digital activation campaign in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, to promote their new anti-stain formula. Using innovative technology consumers are able to interact with a digital activation screen using their live photo captured image to virtually splatter stubborn food stains all over their clothes, on a large digital canvas. This canvas then gradually unveils the virtual transformation from completely stained to stain ridden.

The increasing trend of brands implementing an experiential element to their campaigns like Persil, is a smart way for them to measure how consumers are responding to the product and brand in real time. It also allows companies to gain brand loyalty from consumers who may not be familiar with the brand, by allowing them to experience what it would be like to use the brands products and or services.

In this digital age where consumers are constantly interacting with technology, innovative live branded experiences will become an essential marketing tool for brands. It’s an effective internal investment for brands to use experiential marketing, so that they can integrate channels to forge lasting relationships with their consumers.