Creating Innovative Branded Experiences

27th March 2014

Brands are continuously creating new experiential marketing campaigns to attract consumers in an innovative manner. A great example of this is H&M’s promotion for Isabel Marant Pour’s new collection in Sweden’s capital.


Towards the end of last year H&M launched Isabel Marant Pours’ new collection for the company, by installing frosted glass banners around Stockholm. Passers by were aware of the H&M banner ads featured in the city, but they were unable to see what was behind the glass until they tweeted #HMLookNbook, which then defrosted the glass in a matter of 15 seconds.


The aim of the campaign was to display items from the collection, so that loyal customers would have the chance to buy the designer’s garment prior to coming out in-store. This experiential campaign was a huge success, with word of mouth (WOM) spreading throughout the city about the temporary interactive frosted banners. A sense of excitement and urgency grew around the campaign due to new items being displayed everyday from the collection- meaning another chance for fashion lovers to buy something else from the collection. As a result, the campaign was a creative and strategic move by the company, enabling them to utilise experiential marketing to capitalise on their loyal following.

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