Toxic Fees


Fees aren’t only hidden, they are also hazardous to the money you transfer abroad, in fact one might say they are ‘toxic’. Our remit was to take this metaphor and bring it to life in a simple and visual way in Barcelona.


Anything toxic needs to be carefully handled, disposed of and cleaned up, we took this idea to the streets with an ominous group of people dressed in yellow biohazard suits and masks. To give this somewhat scary scene a comical edge our protestors touted sunglasses, flip flops and sprayers. We also plastered the streets with caution, warning and beware signage in both Spanish and English alongside a plane and banner on the beach showcasing the url.


With 1 million views in just 36 hours, the Facebook video is now at 1.4 million and still growing with 608 shares & 3,932 likes.

We also achieved broad coverage across Spanish media including El Economista, La Vanguardia, Europa Press and El Dia.


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