Shock Roulette


To support TransferWise’s ATL creative plastered across the London Underground and New York Subway, we were tasked with creating ‘That Moment ‘ content for Facebook and online ads.

The ‘That Moment’ integrated campaign references the instant that unsuspecting victims discover how much their bank has been over charging them to send money abroad.  How can we recreate genuine examples of shock, disgust or anger for a video and catchy stills?


Hello Shock Roulette.

We find 10 victims.

They sign waivers permitting us to shock them however we please.

We blindfold them, we warn them to be prepared, we build suspense.

Fish to the face. Electric shock. Double wet willy. Air horn. Ice water. Egg on the head.

Capture the reactions and enjoy.


Producing 5 pieces of video content produced for release across Q, the main stunt video achieved over 7.3 million views on Facebook with a minimal seeding spend.