In The Mix


A new survey of over 1000 respondents suggested that three in four under 25s believe they are misrepresented in news media. Nearly half of the respondents also indicated that current news media is mostly negative about the age group and has an impact on how older generations perceive them.

As such, on The Drum’s ‘Do It Day’ – the 16th November 2017 – The Mix, supported by Dixons Carphone, VO5 and House of Experience, along with professionals from a variety of agencies, will launch In The Mix, a newsjacking campaign to reclaim the news for under 25s.


We disrupted the negative news by using well-known YouTube sensations Niki & Sammy who presented the first broadcast of ‘In the Mix’. We created a legacy for The Mix to continue long after Do it Day itself.

A truly impactful and thought provoking campaign that we hope will help encourage those struggling with mental health issues to understand they are not alone.



We showed empowering stories about the strength of young people’s characters curated from The Mix’s social media followers, In The Mix aims to destigmatise mental health through showing real life stories of resilience.

Supported by disruptive ads displayed on digital boards given by Ocean along with free media space donated by The Guardian, Evening Standard and Spotify to tease a new kind of news broadcast, our bulletin was played out on The Mix’s YouTube channel at 6 o’clock.