With many estate agents requiring payment upfront before they offer any advice, Housesimple wanted to create a piece of content featuring a stunt that would promote and entice customers to use its ‘try before you buy’ scheme. The content needed to show how Housesimple differentiated from its competitors in terms of the service it provides.


Taking over a well-known restaurant in Manchester, we devised a social experiment unbeknownst to the customers. As customers made their initial order for drinks or starters, our acting waiter would demand payment before serving. The aim was to raise the question of why customers should pay for a services before they have experienced it and made sure they are happy with it.



We not only caught the attention of the customers who were caught off-guard by the stunt, but we also managed to gain a lot of press coverage around the campaign. The client was really happy with the results saying, “The film captured and reinforced our decision to be the first online estate agent to have a No Sale No Fee only proposition.”