Flower Garden


As an online retailer, Moonpig tasked us with bringing to life their flower delivery proposition; to engage consumers, while also generating sharable content for PR and social.

We went back to basics and asked, ‘why do people send flowers?’ and how do we capture these stories in a fun way?


Using hundreds of bouquets and three knowledgeable Moonpig ‘gardeners’ we toured the Moonpig Flower Garden, complete with a photo booth ‘confession’ shed. We asked participants who they needed to say sorry to, thank you to, or simply who in their life deserved an ‘I love you’. By the end of each day we had given away the garden to the best confessors, with our favourites having their confessions granted with a free flower delivery.


Over the course of the roadshow we gave away over 1,700 bouquets and single stem flowers, saw 880 photo confessions and 3,500 customer interactions with the garden. The campaign achieved a social reach of 1.3 million with positive PR results for the brand.