Business Start-Up Show


With an ongoing presence at the twice-yearly Business Start-Up Show, Nominet ( and .uk) have the challenge of creating cut through and a clear point of difference among the 350 exhibitors. Moreover the organisation’s issue is being able to communicate their offering (domain names) succinctly and in an engaging way to be able to filter only hot or warm leads onto the stand.


Considering their ideal targets at the show, we created a visually engaging stand design with an immediate filter mechanism so only attendees who were in need of domain name and online advice were drawn to the stand.

Removing giveaways (which attract every man and his dog!), we instead offered immediate SEO or online design appointments with experts alongside a competition to win 2 days of website design time.


We filled all appointments across the two days, of which we had 38 competition entrants. By effectively using the filtering mechanism we had a database of 110 attendees who were hot or warm leads for a successful follow up email campaign.


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