Following our RIP Hidden Fees stunt, we were tasked with creating a more ‘light-hearted’ approach to the issue of hidden bank fees. How do we bring to life the fact that banks need to clean up their act….?


With a giant bubble bath of course!

6,000 rubber ducks strategically pre-placed across London.

270 bubble guns.

65 dressing gown clad supporters.

12 professional Bubbleologists.

2 ‘dirty’ bankers in motorised bathtubs.

… and MILLIONS of bubbles covering the Royal Exchange Building and surrounds outside of Bank Underground Station. This was followed by a procession through the banking district with a finale inside Liverpool Street Station…all guerilla of course.


  • 1.03 million views of our video
  • 6.6k shares & 23k likes on Facebook
  • A Twitter frenzy with duck selfies and far reaching media mentions from Tech City News to City AM
  • A total of 3.5 million people reached