Banker Abroad


How can we bring to life TransferWise’s most successful Facebook Creative and turn it into a viral video that is relevant to the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy?

By taking our Drunken Banker global of course!


The Social Experiment: how will residents from five different European cities react to a drunken banker stumbling through iconic locations in broad daylight!? London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona. Mayhem. Our banker wreaked havoc across Europe. We asked people once again to avoid the nonsense when sending money abroad.

We also spent our time wisely, gathering customer testimonials in each location alongside images of our brand ambassadors in major city landmarks for Facebook creative.


Our most successful campaign to date, the video hit 2 million views within the first week, and currently boasts over 2.7 million views & counting, 28.7k likes and 9.5k shares.


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