The Rise Of Branded Street Art

11th May 2021

Lockdown has focused the minds of many about the importance of community. Whilst we have been locked inside, people have expressed gratitude to the NHS & key workers through street art, wall murals and rainbow motifs as part of a shared experience.

Street art and murals give the opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers in their communities in a socially distanced way. We take a look at some examples below.


We created 3 wall murals for our client Gorillas to help mark the launch of their grocery delivery service in the UK.

The murals placed the community at the heart of the activation. We asked residents in the Bethnal Green area how they felt about lockdown and their local area, and from that artists created an impactful and bright mural.

A two further murals, focusing on an uplifting colour scheme and positive messaging, were created in Brixton and Battersea.


To celebrate the partnership between EA and Sony ahead of the launch of the new FIFA 21 game on the PlayStation 5, wall murals were created for the public to snap and share in Tottenham, Fulham, Liverpool and Manchester.

Each artwork displayed and focused on different football players who were popular in the area, resonating with the fan bases and complimenting the FIFA brand.


High end fashion brands are also increasingly utilising wall murals to connect with communities. In December, Burberry revealed a wall mural devoted to the career and childhood of footballer Marcus Rashford. The mural was part of the Burberry’s ongoing youth initiative, announced in November in conjunction with the footballer, which aims to empower disadvantaged young people across the world. The painting placed the community at its centre, through an uplifting and dynamic artistic approach.


During lockdown, ASICS, to promote the launch of their new Novablast running shoe, created a ‘Street Art Run’. Runners could pick a 5 or 10k route that visited some of London’s most iconic street art installations along with a special ‘Novablast’ piece of street artwork too.

Once they had picked their route, runners could take a snap of their run for the chance to win a pair the new trainers. ASICS cleverly engaged with their target audience and community through the murals, providing a sense of fun and wonder during a tough time for many.


As part of Uber’s ‘EverydayGiants’ campaign, street artists were employed by the tech company to produce artworks and illustrations of some of their drivers throughout the world.

Murals were displayed in London, New York, Brooklyn and San Francisco, championing and celebrating the stories of Uber drivers throughout the pandemic. The campaign highlighted the human faces behind the masks of the drivers and the selfless actions of many.


MINI teamed up with artist Lakwena ahead of the launch of the MINI Convertible in March this year. Encouraged by the brand’s ethos of providing ‘a message of positivity and freedom for everybody’ the artist engaged with the local community to install a bright, colourful mural for the launch.

Unveiling the message of ‘BIG LOVE’ on the completed wall, the mural had little traditional branding, instead focusing on a positive, aspirational tone that fit with the brand’s values, whilst creating a bright and fun space for the community.